About Me

This is Tainy L. Kone and I am the founder of NoBullShitIM.
I created this website because 95% of Internet Marketers are struggling in this industry.
This business can be very overwhelming and there is a lot of hype online, hence the name of this blog.

I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur as far back as i can remember (probably 5 or 6 years old).
My first successful entrepreneurial foray was in music, where i cofounded a music production company while i was still in college in 2003. Ten years later, I am still involved with that company (although to a lesser extent). Our focus has also shifted from producing instrumentals to artists to providing soundtracks for films, commercials and video games.

After witnessing first hand how the Internet radically changed the face of the Music Industry, i always thought to myself that i should become an Internet Marketer.

I finally took the plunge in September 2012, and decided to become a full time internet marketer.
It definitely has not always been a smooth ride, in fact:

I bought too many products (most of them were crap and some of them I haven`t even tried)
I wasn`t persistent (If you decide to start in this business you have to be persistent and committed)
I didn`t have the right mindset (Don`t believe in stories that you can make 2000$ with a few clicks, it doesn`t work like that)
I didn`t build the right foundation
I was scammed many times

What you can expect to find here are no fluff tips and tricks that i learned on my journey.

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